x2 See the Truth [FOIL] NM – MTG Magic the Gathering – Core 2021




You are purchasing for the item(s) listed or pictured aboveLISTED ITEMS – Cards listed are scanned/photographed, then stored safely until purchased. – IF the title and picture of the item in question DO NOT match, please let us know or inquire for further information to ensure what it is you are purchasing. CONDITIONS- NM means “Near Mint,” straight out from the package, and/or never used and are in their NM condition.- USED means slightly played or more; if used, we will be able to indicate further and are on a regular basis scanned on both sides if necessary. HANDLING- All cards will be penny/card-sleeved and are shipped with a top-loader.- All cards will be folded/wrapped in paper for further protection/consolidation for its shuttle. SHIPPING- There is combined shipping (meaning you pay shipping cost ONCE), this may NOT apply for a lot (which will be indicated on the listing).- First Class Shipping – You’ll have the choice to opt and PAY for FIRST CLASS SHIPPING – which means your items will be shipped in a padded/bubble wrapped envelope at the side of TRACKING – OTHERWISE it’ll be sent within an envelope with eBay “tracking” (read below – eBay tracking).- Combined Purchases of $20 or more WILL automatically be shipped as First Class Shipping in a padded/bubble wrapped envelope at the side of TRACKING, regardless what you paid for shipping.- eBay TRACKING – PLEASE READ – eBay labels have bar codes on them; it’s a pseudo tracking system offering you a generic insight of the item’s placement; thus they are scanned and marked as “DELIVERED” and given to the carrier before in fact being delivered – SO, IF you get a “delivered” notice and it’s not in your mailbox, it means that carrier has not in fact delivered it yet BUT they’re going to – so please be patient 🙂 Thank you. FEEDBACK – We would greatly appreciate your feedback to assist us in making your and other buyer’s experiences better. – If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to message us. We strive to mail your orders as quickly as conceivable in it’s safest shuttle to you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share. Thank you and may the dueling odds be in your favor! Happy Dueling!!

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