Valki, God of Lies/Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter X2 Kaldheim MTG Rare Mythic Rare



CARD NAMEVALKI, GOD OF LIES/TIBALT, COSMIC IMPOSTER MTG SET KALDHEIM RARITY MYTHIC RARE CARD #114 CARD TYPELEGENDARY CREATURE – GOD/PLANESWALKER FOIL ☐ FOIL ETCHED ☐ NON-FOIL ☒ FRAME EXTENDED-ART ☐ SHOWCASE ☐ BORDERLESS ☐ CARD TEXT (DESCRIPTION) Valki, God of LiesWhen Valki enters the battlefield, each opponent reveals their hand. For each opponent, exile a creature card they revealed this way until Valki leaves the battlefield.X: Choose a creature card exiled with Valki with converted mana cost X. Valki becomes a copy of that card.Tibalt, Cosmic ImpostorAs Tibalt enters the battlefield, you get an emblem with “You may play cards exiled with Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to cast those spells.”[+2]: Exile the top card of each player’s library.[-3]: Exile target artifact or creature.[-8]: Exile all cards from all graveyards. Add RRR. FLAVOR N/A P/T (CREATURES) 2 1 LOYALTY (PLANESWALKERS) 5 CONDITION New, Never Played, Near Mint or better # OF CARDS INCLUDED 2 # AVAILABLE 1 Thanks for stopping and taking the time to look at our listing. Please message us if you have any questions and someone will get back to you promptly. SHIPPING Free or $.99 Shipping is via USPS First Class ONLY. Tracking numbers are provided for purchases greater than $10.00. It simply is not cost effective to pay $3-4.00 in shipping fees for cards that fall below that amount. Please be patient with the shipping process. When a tracking number is generated, it will be provided to you at the time the shipping label is created. It can take 24-48 hours from printing the label before it arrives at the post office and another 24 hours before the first scan by the USPS. USPS shipping is delayed in many areas due to the pandemic, etc. As an alternative, we will ship with FEDEX – AT THE BUYER’S EXPENSE. FEDEX pricing is considerably more that USPS but their services are reliable and relatively quick. If you are interested in paying an additional amount for FEDEX shipping, message us direct, provide your full address and ask for a FEDEX quote – we charge you exactly what FEDEX charges us. ATTENTION ALL BUYERS! PLEASE contact us before contacting eBay if you run into a problem with your purchase. We will make it right. If you let us fix the problem we will. Just let us have that opportunity. If you involve eBay from the beginning, in an official capacity, we must follow their process for handling cases. Each step of the process is slow and takes time. Every transaction that goes through the resolution center, no matter how small, affects us negatively. A few minor cases and we are penalized financially. This can be detrimental to our business. When this happens, we must take actions to protect our business. This includes raising prices, accepting fewer best offers, adding shipping charges to our listings, etc. If you do not take the time to contact us direct and then work with us to come up with a solution that both the buyer and seller is happy with, the end result is often a negative one for everyone involved. So, please, reach out to us first, together we can get your problem resolved quickly and successfully. THANK YOU!!

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