Treasure Foil Token / Bird Foil Token (2-Sided) – Kaldheim – MTG



Welcome to Ana’s Super Wonder Emporium of Awesome Stuff I pledge to provide you, he whom seeks out stuff that is awesome, with the very coolest things that my hands can get on. I’m also a pretty girl, so please buy cards and my things. Shipping is included in the price unless otherwise specified, please keep that in mind when making me an offer as some higher priced items include the cost of tracking. If you happen to live in Canada, or the United States, you can often expect me to accept a lower bid then if you live on another continent. I ship from Toronto, Canada, and I ensure all cards are sent in toploaders and appropriate hardwear to minimize the potential of any damage on the trip to you. Larger objects are wrapped in bubblewrap and shipped in a box. My return policy is rather simple as I obide by and adhere to the regulations stipulated by e-bay for its Top-Rated Sellers. If you have any questions or concerns, just drop me a line. The jokes are on the house.

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