MYSTiCAL ARCHIVE Krosan Grip Strixhaven: School of Mages Magic the Gathering mtg



Please READ the following! By bidding on this auction, YOU ARE ENTERING INTO A CONTRACT TO BUY THE ITEM IF YOU WIN!All cards are in hand!NOTE TO FOREIGN BIDDERS: Due to Ebay not being able to properly calculate shipping out of the U.S., the cost will be a flat rate for the most expensive location and if your location is cheaper I WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE! If you wish, you’ll use Ebay Global Shipping for an international shipping option instead of USPS.1) All items must be paid via PAYPAL which is the only acceptable payment type that eBay recommends! I can not deviate from this as I use PayPal to generate the USPS shipping. This is the only form of proof that eBay will accept as proof of shipping other than registered mail which is more costly to the buyer. 2) All items are shipped in the condition as pictured in the auction ad! There will be no returns based on condition of the item! We aren’t professional graders and unless the item has been professional graded, all items are represented being sold as having no type of grading represented by us. From time to time we reserve the right to offer an opinion of the type of grade we would place on it but that is just an opinion, not a fact! 3) Items are shipped out packed properly and securely for shipping (and checked by USPS Postmasters to make sure they meet US specifications). Occasionally shippers do damage items. By bidding on this item, you take ownership of the item the moment the USPS confirms the item is in the shipping channels. You may ask for additional options to offer protection to your item from damage in transit from the shipping company. Ask us and we will be able to bill you the additional cost. From time to time on big ticket items we will be able to charge a higher shipping fee, which will be properly noted in the ad, in order to have the item protected. We also reserve the right to properly denote and charge for add on registered mail for shipments of high ticket items. If you bid on an item where we have noted we are including add on protections as part of the shipping cost, you agree that it is not excessive shipping as it is a legitimate part of the costs. In other words, if you do not like the shipping cost, please feel free to bid on another auction. All shipping is based on USPS actual costs plus costs of materials [IE Padded envelopes we use are .65 each]. 4) You’ll allow for adequate time on shipping of foreign orders! Shipping time varies from country to country and shipping method to shipping method. Both eBay FAQ and US commerce law allow up to a month before complaints can be lodged. This is due to some items are sent by container ship which takes a long time. Once an item gets placed into the mail, they (not me) will choose which method that they’ve available that day to get the item out. If you wish speedy shipment overseas, you may choose EXPRESS, PRIORITY or REGISTERED MAIL at your cost (ask us and we will be able to bill you the difference!). If you receive your package within the month time frame as per eBay FAQ allowance, you may not claim it was slow as we do work with eBay to remove fraudulent feedbacks and/or their user?s accounts if they violate eBay FAQ. 5) If you do not understand any of them terms or the auction you must contact me! Blind bidding or saying you purchased something and then later decided it wasn?t what you wanted DOES NOT ABSOLVE YOU FROM PAYING FOR THE ITEM! We do work with eBay and their dispute process to make sure we get paid for our listings! From time to time mistakes do happen and we are happy to cancel bids up to the last 12 hours of the auction if we get the email in time via Ebay messages ( but the last 12 hours lock the auction and we cannot void your bid out after that! 6) We ship only 2 days a week due to the economic cost of gas to get to the post office in North Syracuse (about 20 miles from me)! WE ship Mondays and Fridays only unless priority mail or express mail which goes out within 24 hours of printout of the shipping label! By eBay standards, a seller has to ship out within 7 days of payment. By my standards I ship out within 5 days of payment (and many times faster!). I use PayPal to ship and it logs with eBay the tracking numbers so eBay can determine if an item is shipped late or not. Items usually arrive 7-10 days after payment but sometimes the shipping company can delay items. If you receive your package within the time frame as per eBay FAQ/US Commerce allowance, you may not claim it was slow as we do work with eBay to remove fraudulent feedbacks and/or their user?s accounts if they violate eBay FAQ. 7) ALL ITEMS ARE COVERED BY THE EBAY BUYERS PROTECTION PROGRAM to ensure I am covered by the EBAY SELLER PROTECTION PROGRAM. All items are digitally photographed and verified by US before being shipped (and on the subject of coins, we have an independent coin shop owner sign a waiver that they agree to the condition in the photo of the coin) and we do prosecute people who try to commit mail fraud (so far 3 have been prosecuted and all 3 have been found guilty with our evidence!). ALL ITEM (EXCEPT THOSE MARKED NOT REFUNDABLE) RETURNS ARE GOOD FOR 14 DAYS from WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE ITEM! Items older than 14 days WILL NOT BE HONORED! YOU WILL CERTIFY AFTER 14 DAYS THAT THE ITEM IS AS DESCRIBED AND WILL BE EXPECTED TO WITHIN 14 DAYS OF RECIEPT OF THE ITEM TO CHECK IT FOR DESCRIPTION AS PER AUCTION AD! 8)EBAY Seller Manager automatically opens unpaid item complaints after 4 days. You have 7 days to pay before EBAY returns the item automatically to auction and gives you a unpaid mark in your account! As a store owner on Ebay, they do this for us, we will be able to not stop this so please pay timely! 8) We reserve the legal right to keep copies, written mail, phone tapes, etc? and share them with a legal consul. This is not a threat if we have to inform you that we have forwarded it to them. We do have a lawyer on retainer and do have to from time to time initiate legal recourse. By law, if we have to turn records over to them we must inform you. We aren’t threatening or harassing you when we inform you of this nor is it threatening or harassing if we are seeking a legal intervention! WE reserve the right to pull any ad found in error, or if any item is rendered unsellable. We reserve the right to post answers to questions on the auction ad via eBay message system. We reserve the right to add information to the ad to clarify any potential problems.

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