MTG Kaldheim NON-FOIL C Ice Tunnel #262 x4 4x PLAYSET



*NON-FOIL* MTG Kaldheim – Ice Tunnel – x4 (Playset) – Regular Version – Near-Mint/Mint Cards are unplayed and were put into sleeves immediately upon being pulled. I am not a WPN store, so I am able to ship immediately upon order and do not have to wait until official release date. Will ship with Tracking via USPS First-Class Package Service. My responsibility is to get it packed and delivered to the Post Office within 1 business day after ordering. Anything beyond that is out of my control. I’m an established seller on TCGPlayer and average more than 500 sales per month. This is only being listed on eBay until the products go live there. Terms of Sale I make an honest effort to ensure that all items are accurately described in the listing, and my feedback scores reflect that. Buy with confidence, knowing that you can count on my disclosing any potential issues in the listing. Unless there is specifically an issue with an item’s functioning, or with an error in the listing, all sales are final. Please be sure that the item you are buying is the item you actually want to buy. I do not accept returns or issue refunds simply because the buyer doesn’t like the item they bought (i.e., “buyer’s remorse”) or, in the case of clothing, because it is the wrong size. Shipping costs are prohibitively expensive, and wasting money and resources return-shipping items simply because someone changed their mind simply raises the costs for everyone else. I will happily grant requests to cancel orders, provided I receive them prior to shipping the item. However, frivolous cancellations are likely to earn a trip to my ‘Blocked Buyers’ list and intervention by eBay customer service. Shipping Information All items ship with USPS Priority Mail by default. I have tried the other parcel services, and just feel that USPS by far offers the best value for both myself and for my customers. Understanding that heavy items can sometimes ship much more economically to more distant destinations with FedEx, I do occasionally list them as an alternative to USPS. Please explore your shipping options at checkout (if available). If I notice a large discrepancy between USPS and FedEx when I’m creating the shipment, I will contact you directly to see if you would like to change your choice of shipping. FedEx shipping will be slower than USPS, so any savings will come with a trade-off. If a refund is due to you because the shipping cost is lowered, it will be issued directly through PayPal when the shipment is created. No shipping options will be changed, and no refunds will be given after the time that the packing slip is printed. Thanks for looking!!!

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