Mint/Near-Mint, English – 4 x MTG Alpine Meadow – Foil Kaldheim



You are Buying/Offering on : 4 x MTG Alpine Meadow – Foil Kaldheim – Mint/Near-Mint, English. Item quantity, language, condition and edition are has described. Most of the inventory are English cards, but please be careful, we now sell French cards. For more Foreign items, please visit our secondary account at user: ustopdeckhero Shipping and handling Your card condition matters! All items will taken care of for a great shipping experience. Each card over 10$ are Perfect Fitted.For each order under 12 cards : We insert a maxium of 2 perfect fitted card or a playset per sleeve. We insert sleeves in Toploaders or thick Toploaders for Playsets. Items are shipped in an opaque PWE.For each order over 12 cards, we used plastic casings and bubble mailers.WE OFFER COMBINED SHIPPING!Canada Playset (4x) Base Fee : 2.50$United States / France / Belgium Playset (4x) Base Fee : 2.50$Additionnal Playset (4x) items : 1.00$ Order of 30$ and over could be invoice with a 10$ total shipping at our discretion. Handling and shipping will be taken care of within 48 hours of paiement processing. All items will depart from our facilities in Canada through Canada Postal Service. We do not take resposibility of import fees. Returns Due to the nature of TCGs, all sells are final. However, if you feel your items weren’t listed properly (product, language, condition, edition), please contact us with pictures and we will make the proper arrangements. Card conditions We use a strict guidelines for grading based on TCGPlayer 5 group system (NM, SP, MP, HP, Damaged). Each card is analysed one by one by hand by one of our employees to arrive to it’s grading. In addition, Hero Deals (HD) is a Topdeckhero exclusive : Hero Deals (HD) To offer better deal prices and to save on costs, these cards aren’t fully graded and are set at discounted rates! Allthough, all Hero Deals items have been quickly inspected to remove all Heavy Played and Damaged cards. It should consist roughly of 50% Near Mint, 40% Slightly Played and 10% of good looking Mildly Played, but which condition exactly is a gamble! Feel free to contact us for more information about our Card Condition Guide. No Pictures will be provide. Sales Taxes will be charge. Thank you! Thank you for shopping with Topdeck Hero and feel free to contact us for more amazing deals! Buy with confidence! Don’t forget to leave your feedbacks!

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