MAGIC MTG ARENA CODE CARD 6 Boosters Zendikar Rising Prerelease SPECIAL OFFER



Special offer!!!Do you wish to have an extra code for a secondary account, family or friends?Here you have a perfect option to get them with extra discounts when you buy them. IMPORTANT INFO!:In this case, I will be able to send you the codes manually in a very short time after check you wish to have the codes for different accounts (codes are limited to 1 per account)Please, remember to didn´t redeem any such codes before Or you can use the fastest option (Instant delivery by eBay message), in this other auction: Product information details: MAGIC MTG Arena Zendikar Rising Prerelease Code Card (similar as picture. We only send 1 card). This is an unused code card from a MTG prerelease pack.Code redemption will reward you with 6 digital boosters (Zendikar Rising) on MTG Arena Important: limited to 1 prerelease code per account. Be mindful this, because only any such codes work for each account. So, if you redeem a code before like this, you can get a failure message. Importante: sólo se puede canjear un código de presentación por expansión. Si has canjeado un código previamente, te dará error este código. Shipping Information – Free shipping by message. After payment code will be sent you with an EBAY MESSAGE (Instant delivery!).- Or $20 by registered letter, if you wish to have the paper card. In that case, contact with us first before send the payment Take a look at my others MTG Arena items.We have all of the prerelease codes for the new Standard 2021 (Throne of Eldraine, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria Lair of the Behemoths, Core Set 21 M2021, Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim), Planeswalker decks (Rowan – Oko, Ashiok – Elspeth, Basri – Teferi – Liliana – Chandra – Garruk) and Secret Lair (bundles & sleeves) VISIT OUR STORE


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