Magda, Brazen Outlaw (142) Kaldheim Mtg x1 1x KHM Magic



Listing Details : Set : Kaldheim Card Title : Magda, Brazen Outlaw Quantity : 1 Card(s) Condition: Mint – Pulled from set or pack and sleeved. Never Played. Unless stated in title all cards are English, Non-Foil. Card title takes preference over image if different, if they’re different please send a message and let me know, Thank You Shipping : USA simplest. Shipped in white envelope free. Feedback : Feedback is left when payment is received. I strive to offer outstanding service to all customers. For those who received superb service, please leave feedback indicting so. For those who didn’t, for any reason. Please send a message so I will be able to make it better. Thank you for having a look and have a perfect day.

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