Angel Deck Complete Kaldheim Standard Black White Firja’s Retribution




Magic the Gathering Complete Standard Deck Black White Angels Firja’s Retribution ♦ DESCRIPTION ♦ You are purchasing a custom in a position to play Magic: The Gathering deck that you’ll be able to bring to your next tournament! Complete Standard Legal 60 Card deck and 15 Card Sideboard included. No junk, no filler; just powerful synergy and fun. All decks are shipped in a cardboard deck box and bubble wrap envelope for maximum protection. All cards plus basic land cards are included, meaning you’re going to receive a complete deck you’ll be able to shuffle up and play with. Note that the version of the card you get may vary (some cards are Foil or Extended Art). ♦ EXPANSION ♦ KALDHEIM (FEBRUARY 2021) Vikings. Gods. Myths. Legends. Such a lot of beards. Kaldheim is coming to #*$&ing melt your mind hole. ♦ SHIPPING AND HANDLING ♦ One Day Handling. All orders are shipped same business day or next business day via USPS First Class mail. Expedited services and products are to be had for an extra charge. Larger orders are automatically upgraded to Priority Shipping. International shipping is to be had through eBay’s Global Shipping Program. ♦ FORMAT LEGALITY ♦ Legal in Standard Legal in Pioneer Legal in Modern Legal in Vintage Legal in Legacy ♦ ABOUT US ♦ BobmanMTG builds custom decks for Standard and Commander formats. New decks are frequently designed within two months of a new expansion set’s release. As such, we only stock the most recent products, and older expansion sets are phased out of our product line within one year of release. This means most items listed for sale contain only the most recent cards. ♦ DECK LIST ♦ CREATURES: 3 Firja’s Retribution (Rare) 4 Firja, Pass judgement on of Valor 4 Stalwart Valkyrie 4 Jarl of the Forsaken 4 Doomskar Oracle 4 Infernal Pet 4 Codespell Cleric SPELLS: 4 Ascent of the Worthy 4 Revitalize LANDS: 4 Snowfield Sinkhole 4 Great Hall of Starnheim 2 Snow-Covered Swamp 2 Snow-Covered Plains 7 Plains 6 Swamp SIDEBOARD: 3 Egon, God of Death (Rare) 4 Feed the Serpent 4 Story Seeker 4 Draugr Recruiter

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